We use leading technology and digital tools to achieve the best results. We prioritize innovation in order to keep up with the pace of change and continually optimize.


Frequent data review and property market analysis allows us to make tactical and evidence-based decisions for our clients.


We often land on a solution before a potential issue even comes to life. It’s our responsibility to mitigate risks and lead our clients with confidence.


We are committed to supporting our clients and fostering these relationships. Our point of difference is the care and attention we provide at every step.


Our collective experience as property managers and real estate investors with high-end portfolios spans decades. We’ve sharpened our processes and procedures over many years in response to the changing landscape, so we can provide you with the best service. Property management is our passion and our role is to place the best tenant at the highest market rent, as soon as possible.

Kate Dayton

President & Bookkeeper

Kate controls one of the most important aspects of the management process: daily accounting. However, bookkeeping is just one of her talents. With an eye for business and a global view of our client needs, Kate has a hand in everything at North Star – from marketing to accounting, to operational procedures. As the person in charge of collecting rent, Kate leads our mantra of “firm but fair” with our tenants and is the first step in creating a productive relationship between owners, managers, and tenants.

Kate will be your contact for bookkeeping, contracts, complaints, and legal matters. Kate sends out the monthly disbursements, manages owner and tenant relationships, and oversees the staff.

Jodi Martin

Senior Property Manager

Jodi is a native Oregonian and long-time resident of West Linn. Since she has lived in the Portland area for all of her life, she has deep rooted knowledge of its neighborhoods and the real estate market. This has proven beneficial as she has managed a few dozen of her own investment properties over the last 30-plus years. She is passionate about long-term real estate investment and that excitement shows as she connects with onboarding and existing owners as they transition to real estate investors themselves. Jodi enjoys making connections with our clients, learning about their short- and long-term investment goals, and assisting them along the path to achieving those goals. As a licensed property manager, she is skilled at assisting our clients with Oregon landlord-tenant law compliance.

When she’s not busy managing North Star’s or her own rental properties, Jodi is active in the local community, volunteering with causes that support vulnerable children and the underprivileged. She and her husband John enjoy taking care of animals on their hobby farm, cycling, traveling to visit their adult children, and doing DIY projects on their rental properties.

Faith Merritt

Bend New Owner Meetings/Property Manager

Faith is responsible for the long-term relationships that make our company stand out. We know that properties are intimately personal – for homeowners needing caretakers and for residents seeking a home. She is our road warrior and usually drives around with her bike strapped to her bike rack, ready to ride when the mood strikes. Faith grew up in Central Oregon and has worked the last several years in local property management, developing new relationships and fortifying old ones with owners, tenants, vendors, and our community. If you can’t find her making connections at the office or mountain biking, you can find her hiking, playing sand volleyball, or chasing after her two lively daughters.

From owner meetings to seeing new owners through marketing, lease negotiations and move-ins, Faith will be the point of contact for homeowners seeking asset management in Central Oregon.

Bridget Holley

North Star Real Estate Liaison & Tenant Showings

One of the longest-standing North Star family members, Bridget has been here from the start and is one of the major reasons for the market acceptance and growth of our company. She not only brings our tenants to their rental homes, but she also helps them in their transition to homes of their own. Bridget is a shining light within our company and enjoys spending time with her husband and four wonderful kids.

From owner meetings to seeing new owners through marketing, home showings, lease negotiations, and move-ins, Bridget is one of three sales representatives who will be the point of contact for homeowners seeking asset management in the Portland Metro area.

Anaiah Nigro

Existing Owner Renewals and Tenant Showings

In 2011 Anaiah first started helping her sister Bridget with North Star showings and as our company has grown, she has stepped up her role. With an eye for style and a very warm heart, Anaiah watches over the needs of our potential tenants. She is very familiar with the upscale housing markets of Portland and La Jolla. Anaiah lives in Lake Oswego with her two wonderful daughters.

From owner meetings to seeing new owners through marketing, home showings, lease negotiations and move-ins, Anaiah is one of three sales representatives who will be the point of contact for homeowners seeking asset management in the Portland Metro area.

Kim Taylor

Maintenance Director

Kim started managing commercial properties in 2006. She brings to North Star and its clients knowledge of maintenance, construction, and managing a variety of teams — including contractors, landscapers, janitorial crews, and roofers, to name a few. Kim’s eye for detail began when she bought her first home in the heart of Multnomah Village in 2001. Since then she has had a passion for curb appeal and upkeep and also dove into wanting to learn how all systems function in order to maintain her own properties. Kim resides in Canby with her two daughters. She is also passionate about yoga and is a registered yoga teacher. In her spare time, you’ll find her exercising, working around her house, and spending time on her paddle board when the Oregon weather allows.

Sheri Capitani | Assistant Property Manager

Sheri Capitani

Bend Assistant Property Manager

Sheri is the Assistant Property Manager to Faith in our Bend office. She is in charge of showing properties to potential tenants and keeps up with new and current tenant relations. Soon she will be getting her General Contractors license so that she will be able to manage and assist tenants in Central Oregon with any maintenance of properties. Sheri’s amazing attention to detail and communication skills ensures smooth and productive transitions between our company and tenants. When she’s not working for Northstar, you will find her on the back of her horse either riding in the beautiful Central Oregon forests, training and competing in the arena, and/or competing at high-level pickleball.

Ashley Ogborn

Maintenance Technician

Ashley Ogborn comes to North Star with 3+ years of experience in residential construction. She is experienced in everything ranging from framing to light electrical and considers herself a jack-of-all-trades. She has 10+ years of customer service experience and always aims to please! She is a humanitarian with a strong love for animals and even has some experience working in the Veterinary field. Her hobbies include a range of art forms including, but not limited to, painting, tie-dye, and perler creations. Ashley lives in Beaverton with her partner of 2+ years and their two fur babies, Apollo (Beagle), and Kovu (Cat). She loves live music and spending any available time with friends and family.

Kirk Nieland

The Patriarch

Kirk was the encouragement and knowledge behind the accelerated start and success of North Star. He has stayed on with the company as both a consultant and mentor to all employees. As the glue that holds it all together, he continues to advise and push North Star into ever-increasing areas of success. Kirk and his wife Erin have two kids (Quinn and John) and four grandkids, all of whom live just a few houses away from them.