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Spring Equinox & Our Year Ahead

Here comes the sun do do do-do.....finally! The approach of the Spring Equinox, also known as the Vernal Equinox, is upon us, beginning March 20th, 2021. This is a wonderfully welcomed astronomical time in the northern hemisphere when our sun passes over the equator, signaling the beginning of increasingly longer days, earlier sunrises and later sunsets. 

The timing for every vernal equinox coincides astrologically with Aries, the first sign of the western tropical zodiac. Aries represents initiating; being ruled by Mars, it makes things happen. This equinox is particularly significant due to the recent and unique Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in Aquarius which hasn't happened in 200 years, signifying a heralding in expansive innovation, communication, friendship, justice and humanitarianism. Benefic Jupiter will be forming fortunate aspects to some key players, including Mars, and houses in the chart of the United States this coming year. Jupiter expands whatever it comes in contact with and represents excellent opportunities and optimism.

And so we begin a new season. From darkness to light, new beginnings and hope for the future. For a brief moment, our sun teeters equally balanced between hemispheres offering an opportunity of remembering and experiencing what it means to find balance, centering and unity, both individually and collectively. 

We live in a world of duality. This is a large part of the human experience. Without cold we wouldn't know hot, without pain we wouldn't experience pleasure and without villains we wouldn't know heroes. We are constantly seeking equilibrium from extremes and the spring equinox is one of two astronomically-energetic moments per year that bestow upon us all a balance reboot. This duality is most fundamentally reflective in our electromagnetic existence, from nanoparticles through the universe. We are electromagnetic hue-mans and the celestial circumstances at every equinox is as if striking a tuning fork which will resonate through the coming year.

You don't have to be an astrologer, astronomer, realtor, homeowner or tenant to know we have been living through turbulent, restrictive, contracting and crazy times this last year. We are all ready for a reboot; to clear unwanted glitches individually and collectively, be upgraded and allow the pendulum to swing into ever-expanding light and auspicious opportunities for the year ahead. As we enter April, there should be an emphasis on dissemination of information and ensuing mass migration throughout the United States and locally. There will be greatly increased movement for personal, financial and employment opportunities.

There are many positive aspects to look forward to this astrological year ahead. Many people will be making big life-altering decisions and events may take some extreme turns. We are collectively being rebirthed into a new era this spring equinox with the ensuing labor pains and navigating our individual equilibrium along the way. Yet with increased compassion for one another and desire to give ourselves to greater causes, we will increasingly find common ground and deeper connections personally and professionally. 

Our team at North Star looks forward to continuing to partner with our community of dearly appreciated agents, owners and tenants and we'll be here to assist and be the balance to navigate these exciting times ahead. 

Written by North Star's Maven, Anaiah Nigro