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Site visits, how often can a Landlord come over?

One of the hottest issues between landlords and tenants is how often the landlord is allowed to visit the rental property.

In Oregon a landlord has just five (5) legitimate reasons for entering a legally occupied rental property.

  1. Emergency.
  2. Tenant has moved out or abandoned the rental property.
  3. To make repairs or alterations to the property.
  4. Show rental property to other prospective tenants.
  5. Court approved entry into property.

Landlords must not enter the property the same day except in cases of emergency at the property or if their rental has been abandoned.

All landlords must give their tenants 24 hours written notice before entering a property to make repairs, alterations or to show the property to prospective tenants and the notice must either be given to the tenant, posted near the front door of the rental or mailed to the tenant at least 6 days in advance.

Landlords Can't Show Up Unannounced

Although a landlord may think they own a rental property the reality is that they have to follow the law and can't show up unannounced whenever they want at their rental property because this violates the tenants ""quiet enjoyment"" and could be enough cause for the tenant to move out.

Before leaving the property due to the landlord's unannounced visits the tenant should use the following strategy:

Step 1 — Send the landlord a friendly letter or email to voice your concerns about their unannounced visits.

Step 2 — If the visits persist the tenant should mail the landlord a letter reminding the landlord of the current landlord/tenant laws then the landlord should be reminded how they are violating the tenant's quiet enjoyment.

Step 3 — Take the landlord to small claims court to sue them over their visits.

Step 4 — Move out of the rental property.

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