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Portland Oregon Rental - What Do You Do About A Neighbors Barking Dog?

So you just moved into a new Portland Oregon Rental property and are getting settled but you're noticing that your neighbor's dog barks a lot. What do you do?

A barking dog can often be a contentious issue because the owner may not realize that the dog is an annoyance and the only way to deal with it is to follow a systematic approach.

In this article we will share with you the best way to deal with a neighbors barking dog so you do everything within the law.


Step #1 — Talk with Your Neighbor about the Dog

Sometimes if you're home in your Portland Oregon Rental during the day while your neighbor is away at work they may not be aware that their dog is barking, this is why it's a good idea to have a casual conversation with them about their dog and ask them for their suggestions on how to handle the dogs barking.

You neighbor may give you a specific command which will help the dog to stop barking and having a conversation with your neighbor is the best way to handle this issue peacefully.

Step #2 — Consider Mediation

If your neighbor is opposed to offering you any solutions for their barking dog it's time for you to consider mediation because having a third party to offer solutions regarding the dog is a great solution to the problem rather than you and your neighbor getting upset or in a heated argument at your Portland Oregon Rental.

Step #3 — Check the Law

Another great thing to do regarding a barking dog is to check the local laws concerning noise because the police may come out to warn the owner and if the owner doesn't comply or take the warnings from the police to heart they could be arrested for disturbing the police.

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