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Do HOAs have the right to fine me if I am a tenant?

Do HOAs have the right to fine me if I'm a tenant? This is a question that most renters have when they rent a condo, single family home that's also part of an HOA and the answer to this question is both yes and no.

Yes, a Home Owners Association does have the right to enforce their rules like not allowing a tenant to park in a fire lane but as for other common HOA violations like a tenant parking in the space of another tenant it's actually the job of the owner to make sure their tenant follows the HOA rules.

The Landlord Is the Middle Man

The owner or their property management company is technically the middle man and is responsible for making sure their tenant follows the HOA rules.

One of the best ways for landlords or property owners to insure that their tenants follow the rules is for them to make sure that the HOA rules are included in the rental agreement and it should also be very clear what the consequences or fines will be if the tenant breaks one or more of those rules.

HOA and the Authorities

After the tenant makes it very clear that they are not following rules of the HOA, or civil rules, the HOA has the authority to get the proper authorities involved including the FBI, drug enforcement, police or fire department to help defuse the situation before an even bigger problem occurs.

What Landlords Should Do Before Signing New Tenants?

Before they sign new tenants a landlord should physically give a copy of the governing documents or rules to prospective tenants before they move in just so the tenant is aware of the rules for the property and can choose to not rent the home, condo or duplex if they don't want to live in the community.

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