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"North Star gets results and always with the highest level of service and professionalism. In an industry where trust is everything, they will quickly earn yours just as they earned mine."

Michael Hasson | Owner | The Hasson Company Realtors

"We trust North Star to give our clients the same great service that they expect with Harnish Properties."

Justin Harnish | Owner | Harnish Properties

"Prior to experiencing North Star I would not have used the words high end and property management in the same sentence.  North Star understands and anticipates client need and is results oriented. I'm grateful to have them as a resource."

Todd Prendergast | Owner | Realty Trust

"North Star provides the type of service that you don't see everyday in property management.  Professional follow through has been my first hand experience with North Star.  I continue to be impressed by the assistance they provide during and after the transactions."

Debbie Thomas | Owner | Debbie Thomas Real Estate

Why do the top Real Estate Agents partner with North Star?

Because we protect their relationships with their clients and we lease homes the way they sell homes.

The explosive growth of North Star has been the result of amazing partnerships with local Real Estate companies and their agents. These relationships are very important to us and we have strengthened countless agent/client bonds in the process.

Initially we helped Real Estate agents deal with inventory that was not selling; now we are an integral part of your team. From rental market advice to leasing services, we help you provide needed services to your investors, sellers and buyers.

Our agreements with your clients reference you as the referring broker and have verbiage stipulating that you will be their agent at the completion of the rental process. It is vital that you let us know your position as the agent for the client by filling out the form below.

North Star is focused on cultivating and maintaining agent relationships with sellers and buyers as they temporarily become landlords and tenants. Here is how we do it:

  • Our agreements with your sellers state that at the termination of the tenancy that if the home goes to the market, the referring agent will be the selling agent.

  • For your buyer relationships, we help facilitate buyer broker agreements on your behalf. Many tenants are buyers who have been transferred here, yet they cannot sell the home where they are moving from, so they rent from us. If this tenant is your future buyer, a buyer broker agreement will solidify your relationship.

  • We do our best to have leases expire in the spring to allow you to market the home in the best possible selling season.

  • We call you two months before the lease expiration to see if you recommend going to the sale market, or renewing the lease.

  • We pay twice the normal referral fee for owner referrals.

  • We make sure that your clients understand that by referring us, you are placing their needs before your own. This not only solidifies your relationship with your client, but increases your referral base from this client.

  • If the home is currently for sale, we recommend co-marketing the home with you, us on the lease side and you on the sale side, as many times we will procure a tenant wanting to perform a lease option.

We understand that the main goal of the majority of our owners is to sell, not rent. We help facilitate the eventual sale in any way that we can, including giving our pictures and virtual tours to you. In some cases, we can expedite post-tenancy home preparation and coordinate improvements or repairs to make the property market-ready on your timeline.

North Star thanks the growing list of Real Estate agents for their trust, referrals and continued support.

  • Alice Davies — Where, Inc
  • Barbara Remlinger — John L. Scott
  • Becky Jackson — The Agency, Inc
  • Beth Gelfand — Windermere
  • Bill Futrell — Windermere
  • Bill Marquard — Hasson Company
  • Bob Atkinson — Where, Inc
  • Brian Butler — Windermere
  • Brian Pienovi — Realty Trust
  • Candace Kramer — Windermere
  • Cary Perkins —Windermere
  • Chris Casebeer — Hasson Company
  • Claudette Reeves — Windermere
  • Connie McDowell — Hasson Company
  • Debbie Todd — Realty Trust
  • Debby Hennessy — Hasson Company
  • Debi Laue — Hasson Company
  • DJ Mayer — Residential Realty NW
  • Drew Coleman — Hasson Company
  • Dwight Schwab — Keller Williams Realty
  • Ed Buchman — Hasson Company
  • Emily Iverson — Hasson Company
  • Errol Bradley — Harnish Properties
  • Jean Stoll — Hasson Company
  • Jessica Christopherson — Soldera Properties
  • Joanne Talbert — Coldwell Banker Seal
  • Joe Fustolo — Soldera Properties
  • John Ferguson — Hasson Company
  • Justin and Kristi Harnish - Harnish Properties
  • Karen Durett — Windermere
  • Karen McLaughlin - Windermere
  • Kendall Bergstrom — Hasson Company
  • Kendall Woodworth — Windermere
  • Kevin Costello — Hasson Company
  • Kris Burley — Keller Williams Realty
  • Kristi Lawrence — Windermere
  • Lauren Hasson — Hasson Company
  • Larry Blackmar — Hasson Company
  • Lisa Hanna — Hasson Company
  • Lori Tydeman — World Relocation
  • Lynae Forbes — Hasson Company
  • Lynn Brokaw — Hasson Company
  • Madeleine Rose — Windermere
  • MJ Steen — Windermere
  • Marcia Kies — Hasson Company
  • Marla Knauss — Keller Williams Realty
  • Mary-Jo Avery — RE/MAX Equity Group
  • Melissa Finn — Hasson Company
  • Michele Bowler-Failing — Keller Williams
  • Mike Hasson —Hasson Company
  • Michael Healy — Hasson Company
  • Nancy Todd — Windermere
  • Nash Baranaga — Soldera Properties
  • Pat Bangerter — Hasson Company
  • Patrick Krause — Soldera Properties
  • Patti Hansen — Hasson Company
  • Rob DeRienzo — Windermere
  • Ron Erickson — Coldwell Banker Seal
  • Ruth Canutt — RE/MAX Equity Group
  • Scott McAvoy — Hasson Company
  • Sharon Loffelmacher — Hasson Company
  • Sean Sheppard — Soldera Properties
  • Steve Gray — John L. Scott
  • Steve Kaer — Coldwell Banker Seal
  • Susan Miller — Hasson Company
  • Susan Reinhart — Coldwell Banker Seal
  • Susan Stier — Windermere
  • Sue Sullivan — Realty Trust
  • Susy Darm — Hasson Company
  • Terry Sprague — Luxe Platinum Properties
  • Todd Prendergast — Realty Trust
  • Tris Denton — Realty Trust
  • Troy Inman — Hasson Company
  • Valarie Ross — Windermere
  • Valerie Whelan — Windermere
  • Ward Spears — Hasson Company
  • Craig Black — Soldera Properties


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