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Our Story:

Why is North Star different?

We started as a group of home investors who wanted a better leasing experience. A leasing experience from an owner perspective. With the growth of technology and the changing housing market, our founders felt that the existing single family housing and condominimum property management industry needed a more refined management process.

Starting by leasing some of the most expensive properties in the Portland area North Star has had phenomenal growth using this refined process. We now cover most price ranges in Portland and Bend and pride ourselves in being the very best property caretakers available. Our focus on technology, marketing, low vacancy, high tenant standards, cash flow, service, and both short and long term equity growth has created a company that had gone well beyond expectations.

Our client list includes the owners of the top local Real Estate companies, presidents and CEO's of some of the most well known companies in the United States, philanthropists, hedge fund directors, investors and individual home owners looking for peace of mind.

Our Team:


Operations, leases, media, compliance, site visits, move-ins and move-outs.

Nick is our walking, talking encyclopedia of property management knowledge. Since 1996 he has been involved in every area of property management from repairs to managing portfolios of single and multi-family homes and communities. Nick loves the process and structure of a well-run transaction almost as much as he loves being a part of the North Star family. Nick spends his off hours taking his beautiful daughter camping, hiking or for a day out at estate sales and auctions.


New owner meetings, tenant showings.

In 2011 Anaiah first started helping her sister Bridget with North Star showings and as our company has grown, she has stepped up her role in our company. With an eye for style and a very warm heart, Anaiah watches over the needs of our potential tenants. She is very familiar with the upscale housing markets of Portland and La Jolla. Anaiah lives in Lake Oswego with her two wonderful daughters.


North Star Real Estate liaison, tenant showings.

The longest standing North Star family member, Bridget has been here from the start and is one of the major reasons for the market acceptance and growth of our company. She not only brings our tenants to their rental homes, she helps them in their transition to homes of their own. Bridget is a shining light within our company and enjoys spending time with her husband and four wonderful kids.


Bookkeeping and office everything.

Kate controls one of the most important aspects of the management process: daily accounting. However, bookkeeping is just one of her talents. With an eye for business and a global view of our client needs, Kate has a hand in everything at North Star - from marketing to books to operational procedures. As the person in charge of collecting rents, Kate leads our mantra of "firm but fair" with our tenants and is the first step in creating the productive relationship between owners, manager and tenants.


Maintenance, work orders and vendor relations.

Kim has the big job of making sure that well over $100 million worth of properties are exceptionally cared for. Her expertise in coordinating quality repair work at a fair price is extremely valuable to our owners and tenants. As many of our owners are out of the state or out of the country, they rely on her for not only repairs, but the ongoing normal maintenance of all needed items for their properties. Kim has two great boys and a fantastic husband.


The "go to" person for everything North Star.

McKenna is from an established local family who owns the company Equity Advantage, widely known as the regional experts in 1031 exchanges, and therefore is well familiar with nearly all things related to Real Estate. She is transitioning from her freshman to sophomore year at Oregon State University. McKenna is responsible for organizing the paperwork process flow at North Star and helps mainly during the busy spring and summer seasons. You will see her helping with every aspect of North Star. During the summers McKenna spends her well needed break from college with her parents and brother on the shores of Lake Oswego.


New owner meetings.

The idea for North Star started when Quinn could not find a property management company that fit the needs of his family portfolio of homes. With a passion to create a company with an owner-centric view, adoption of current technology and streamlined processes, North Star became the fastest growing high end property management company in the Portland area. Quinn has two great kids and is married to the woman of his dreams. (He had to chase her for 8 years)


The Patriarch.

Kirk was the encouragement and knowledge behind the accelerated start and success of North Star. He has stayed on with the company as both a consultant and mentor to all employees. As the glue that holds it all together, he continues to advise and push North Star into ever increasing areas of success. Kirk and his wife Erin have two kids (Quinn and John) and four grandkids, all live just a few houses away from them.


Bend and Portland operations manager.

Kale is the Swiss army knife at the company. He floats between our Portland and Bend offices and is the go to for any question or task that needs handled. As a part Owner, Kale takes pride in the success of the business, but balances this with making sure that each and every Owner and Tenant have a pleasant experience when working with North Star. If he's not sitting at his desk, then there is no telling what far-reaching archipelago he might be at, but he's never too far from some form of internet to check in.


Bend new owner meetings, tenant showings.

Jason is the anchor of the Bend office as over 20 years of residency grounds him with every aspect of town. Formerly one of the best snowboarders in the world, Jason is too humble to ever mention it and will probably cringe at the thought that you are currently reading this. He is a wealth of knowledge in regards to the Bend housing market along with the functions of any mechanical system in our homes. We don't call him the computer for nothing!


Property walk throughs, maintenance.

Chris spends most of his time driving by and visiting the North Star portfolio of properties and tenants. He has been in the industry for years and his main focus is to make sure that homes remain in great shape and that tenants are happy. Chris also backs up his wife Kim in our maintenance department, and yes, she does seem to boss him around a bit. Visiting tenants and homes each day, Chris is an essential part of keeping our client investments in top shape.

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