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4 Tips for Responding To Your Portland Oregon Renters

By North Star Property Management

4 Tips for Responding To Your Portland Oregon Renters

PORTLAND, Ore. — So you've just purchased your first rental properties and are now starting to get requests from your Portland Oregon Renters.

Although some property owners might be tempted to answer no to everything, the truth is that the word no shouldn't always be the last word for tenant requests especially if you consider using the following tips.

Tip #1 — Develop Answers to Common Problems

Before your Portland Oregon Renters ask you common questions like if they can have a dog at your rental property, or if they can have satellite television service, you should print out a list of the most common questions and answers that they can reference BEFORE calling you.

Another easy thing you could do is create a website with a "knowledgebase" for your clients to reference so that they can visit there first before taking the time to call you with their question.

Tip #2 — Make It Clear That You Want to Help Them

Many times your Portland Oregon Renters will come to you with easy questions or concerns about your rental property or their requests may be more complex like needing work done on site.

Whatever the case you should make it clear to your renters that you want to help them within your timeframe that way you don't overpromise on results to your tenants and ultimately under deliver.

Tip #3 — Offer More Than One Solution

Last of all, but most important, it's always best to have more than one solution available to your tenants when they come to you with issues that need to be resolved.

Going back to the dog example, let's say that you have a no pet's policy at your Portland Rental Property but your tenant asks you if they can let their parents dog stay for one week until they find alternative housing for it.

You could say yes to their request if they consider keeping the dog in a kennel while it lives at your rental property or you could suggest that your tenant considers placing the dog in a temporary shelter in the area until they are able to find a permanent home for it.

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