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Simple Tips For Building Great Relationships With Your Tenants

By North Star Property Management

Simple Tips For Building Great Relationships With Your Tenants

Are you just getting started with owning rental property? You're not alone; thanks to the fast growing Real Estate market more investors than ever before over the last 24 months have decided to invest in Real Estate but what they don't realize is that the real "secret" to success with having long term, steady, cash flow from their rentals is building great relationships with their tenants.

In this article we will share with you several tips you can use to build great relationships with your tenants and establish a successful portfolio of rental properties which will last you for years to come.

#1 — Offer A Great Home

Before your tenants move into your rental property it's important for you to start off your relationship with them strong by offering them a rental which has been thoroughly cleaned, freshly painted, cleaned floors / carpets and has the look of a property which has been maintained with care.

#2 — Respect Your Tenants' Time

If you need to come to your rental property to work or do an inspection make sure you respect your tenants time and never show up unannounced because, Oregon law requires that you give your tenants 24 hours notice before you arrive.

#3 — Be Available, Not MIA

Although you might not want to take calls from tenants on weekends you should make sure that they have access to your cell phone number or email address so tenants know how and when to contact you if needed.

#4 — Always Be Consistent

When you make promises you should always keep them because, establishing consistency with your tenants means that they will be able to depend on you to solve problems or make improvements to the rental property when they are needed.

#5 — Reward Your Tenants

As your tenants pay their rent on time or pass annual inspections it's important that you show them you care about them and value their business by offering them incentives or other rewards for them to continue renting from you.

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