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3 Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Renters Happy

By North Star Property Management

3 Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Renters Happy

If you own a multi-family rental property in Portland or the surrounding area you know that life can get a little complicated at times.

Although your schedule may be hectic with managing your multi-family rental, you can keep your tenants happy by following these 3 maintenance tips.

Tip #1 — Make Trash Pickup A Priority

If your multifamily rental property has an area for a dumpster to be placed make sure it's visible for all tenants to dump their trash each week but you should also make sure that your dumpster is not an area for tenants to dump their old mattresses or other debris because, most tenants will also do this to save money.

Tip — Schedule a monthly dump run for all tenants to leave their large trash items by the dumpster so they can be picked up and taken to the dump. A regular scheduled dump run should not cost more than $20 per tenant and it will be an effective way to keep large items from piling up around your dumpster when tenants move in or out.

#2 — Keep Those Common Areas Spotless

Since every multifamily property has hallways, laundry rooms and common areas, you should focus on keeping them spotless each week because, dirty common areas will paint a negative picture in the minds of future tenants and cause them to wonder what else may be wrong with your property.

#3 — Keep Your Rental Property Pest-Free

Last of all, but most important, focus on keeping your rental property pest-free by scheduling a pest control company to spray around the outside of your rental on a monthly basis.

You should also call or email each tenant to make sure that they are not dealing with pests inside their units, because those units may need to be sprayed for pests, as well.

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To learn more tips you can use to keep your multifamily rental property running smoothly, or to speak with us about our property management service, contact North Star Properties today by CLICKING HERE or calling us at (503) 636-2232.

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